His Ways Are Higher

ROMANS 11:33,36


There were many times in the planning stages of our trip here that we wondered about the timing of it all. Why did we get pushed back to late August? Why 5 months? Why Kenya? Honestly we said yes to going overseas with open hands and hearts not knowing when, where or how long we would be going initially. We soon found out that Tenwek hospital in Kenya was where they had housing for families and it was available until January so we said yes to it all even though so much was still unclear.

In the midst of this uncertainty there were a few things we did know…1. God had made it clear and made the way of us to go to Kenya 2. He has burdened our hearts to stand in the gap for 2 major things- those lacking medical care and orphans. I had no idea that just 3 days after our arrival we would see those 2 things collide giving us more confirmation that in all things His timing is perfect.

Let me explain…one of the main reasons we came to Tenwek was to help relieve the full time missionary OBGYN that lives here with her family (Dr. Joy Draper). We knew before we came that they were pursuing adopting a little boy in Uganda who is medically fragile. Because of his medical needs they were able to expedite the adoption and brought him back to Tenwek yesterday! This (not so coincidentally) is the same day Drew started work at the hospital. This will enable Dr Draper to take the month off to help her family with the adjustment as well as travel back to Uganda to obtain a visa for Frank their new son. She shared with Drew yesterday that God knew the timing of us coming would be perfect and she is grateful to have him here to cover as she cares for her son. What a sweet gift for God to allow us to play a small part in just one of the ways He is working. He continues to reveal himself as a Father to the fatherless. He has rescued Frank and provided a home where he will not only be so loved by a mother and father but above all hear about the love His heavenly  Father has for Him.

Psalm 68: 4-5 Sing to God, sing in praise of his name, extol him who rides on the clouds; rejoice before him- his name is the Lord. A father to the fatherless, a defender of the widows, is God in his holy dwelling. 


This is our God and I am so thankful.



We finally made it to Tenwek hospital and are settling into our new home! It feels so great to be here and we are all so so happy to not be on a plane, bus, or any form of transportation! The trip over all went very well. Thank the Lord we had no delays or trouble getting through customs. The boys also surpassed our expectations with how well they did. We survived on legos, movies, coloring and snacks. We also pulled out various surprises along the way to keep things interesting for them. They slept fairly well on our flight to Amsterdam- Drew and I, not so much since they were sleeping on us! We arrived in Nairobi on Friday about 10:30pm and after waiting on our luggage and going through customs we finally got to our guest house after midnight. We were exhausted to say the least. The next day, I went with another wife from Tenwek (who met us in Nairobi) and shopped for the month; we are 4 hours from the city and there’s many items you can’t get in the little town closest to the hospital so when you are in Nairobi you stock up! That was pretty overwhelming but thankfully someone was there to help guide me. We also went to the butcher for meat and another grocery for produce. This took us all day (i’m having to get used to everything taking much longer here). That night was pretty rough sleepwise with the boys getting up at all hours of the night (it is an 8 hour time difference).

The next morning we made the 4 hour drive to the hospital with a van packed to the gills. We are so happy to now be in the place we’ll call home for the next 5 months and create start creating our new normal. We are in  a 2 bedroom apartment just down the hill from the hospital. Our apartment opens up to a giant courtyard where there are always kids outside running around, playing with sticks, climbing trees and playing soccer. Needless to say our boys jumped right in and are loving their life here so far. We are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information we’re receiving in learning what everyday life is like here but overall we feel like the transition has gone smoothly and everyone has been more than kind and welcoming.

We truly have seen the Lord’s hand and his care for us in every step of this journey. There are so many details that have happened where he’s shown us how He is with us- even in the little things. For example, our last flight to Nairobi was a “double decker plane” with an upstairs. This was significant because Lane somehow got it in his head that we would be riding one on our way over. We tried to warn him it may not happen but he would not stop talking about it. It was sweet to walk up to our gate in Amsterdam and in fact see that a double decker plane sitting outside the window (small I know but so significant to that little 4 year old)! We also were pulling out of my parents driveway to leave the the airport when a UPS trucked pulled up delivering the cords Drew needed for the fetal monitors he was bringing over. Finally arriving here we are blown away at the shear amount of little boys right around our kids ages tha live here—instant playmates! Not to mention it is beautiful, green and 70degrees all day–we are rarely inside. We are mostly just stopping in awe of seeing what we’ve been praying for for the last 6 months actually materialize before our eyes. It is truly sweet.

Tomorrow we’ll unpack more and Drew will start work Monday! We’ve been hearing from everyone how excited they are to have another OBGYN as the service is VERY busy so I’m sure he’ll hit the ground running.Thankful for all your prayers, we love and miss you all!