Christmas is the perfect time to take full advantage of pouring sweet truth into our littles. Plus there are some amazing resources out there to take advantage of so don’t reinvent the wheel (unless you really want to). I know there are so many more but here are some things our family has loved. P.S. Most of these we have received from my mom so a huge shout out to Grammy for keeping us up to date with the latest materials!

lane-christmasFavorite Children’s books:

The Christmas Promise by Alison Mitchell (This one’s my favorite!)

The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado

God gave us Christmas by Lisa-Tern-Bergren

The Jesus Storybook Bible- “He’s Here”

The Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt

Family Advent Guide by the Village Church:

  • Advent is something both our families did growing up and a tradition we have continued with our own kids now. Its the perfect way to stop every Sunday and reflect on what this season really means as a family. These are easily some of my favorite moments together leading up to Christmas.

Music to Listen to:

‘Behold the Lamp of God’ by Andrew Peterson

  • if the Behold the Lamb concert is coming anywhere near you, drop everything and go see it…unbelievable
  • 100% recommend this CD- it gives an overview of all that happens in the Bible leading up to Jesus’ birth in the most creative way. I have a hard time listening to any other CDs at Christmas


Owlegories Volume 4: The Christmas Gift and The Star


Veggie Tales: St. Nich

  • How we chose to approach Santa in our house is by telling our kids the true story of the saint he really was! He was a Christ follower who gave gifts to those in need on Christmas. This Veggie Tales CD helps explain that. Mostly we love to talk about how Santa remind us to be generous, not that he’s the magic man that will give us whatever we want.

Old Christmas Cartoons on Netflix or Amazon Prime

  • I’m talking about the old school Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph cartoons amongst others. We just watched some of these and although the animation is outdated, the messages are fun and mostly morally sound. I was shocked watching these at how packed with materialism our modern Kids Christmas movies are and I didn’t even realize it!

Activities: There are SO many great activities you can do with your kids so I’ll just give you a few:

The Kindness Tree

  • Cut out a Christmas Tree from construction paper and tape it on any wall or window at eye level for your kids
  • complete acts of kindness for family members, friends or people in the community
  • each time you do something kind write it on an ornament and tape it up. Work to fill your tree by Christmas
  • Here’s a couple of examples: fill a shoe box for operation Christmas child, make treats and cards for neighbors, challenge your kids to do something kind for someone at school that day and come home and tell you about it, write notes to daddy telling him how much you appreciate him working for our family, make bags for the homeless to put in the back of your car and hand out when there’s a need- the possibilities are endless!

Go see a Live Nativity

  • Especially for small children this is so significant for them to see with their own eyes. Usually there are churches in the area that will do these for free!

Act out the Christmas story

  • We do this every year when my whole family gets together and its hilarious and wonderful all at the same time. This is NOT fancy and we seriously prep like 5 minutes before. My dad narrates by reading the story of Jesus’ birth from a children’s Bible and we grab sheets and wrap them around the kids. We then help them through the story as it is read. From beginning to end it takes 20 minutes but it’s so much fun and really solidifies the story for your kids.

Christmas Lights

  • I think most people take their kids to see some sort of Christmas lights but take this one step further and tell them how lights at Christmas remind us that “Jesus is the light of the world”. It is in fact a tradition that was started when Christians put candles on their trees to remind their families of this message.