Fatherhood might the highest calling and hardest challenge you and I will ever face.  Men of our generation are largely failing as fathers and husbands today.  We need humble, wise, committed, God-honoring men to live differently and raise up the next generation. Are you willing to accept this responsibility? A Dad’s Playbook is a collection of material intended to encourage and equip men who desire to follow in the footsteps of our Heavenly Father in their personal life, professional calling and family leadership.

KEY TOPICS – click on links below

  1. Making a Family Mission Statement

  2. Ten Golden Rules of Effective Parenting

  3. Five Key Virtues For Kids

  4. Microdecisions of Faith

  5. Managing Money

  6. Knowing God’s Will / Making Family Decisions

More to come soon…. Hopefully this material will be in book or Bible study format soon.  For now keep checking online for the latest updates.