The countdown is on!  Our family leaves in 4 days for Kenya and we are so excited to go.  We have done all we can to prepare for what lies ahead and are so thankful for the help of friends, family and Samaritan’s Purse in this process.  Recently the boys spent time with their grandparents while mom and dad did some last minute shopping and took on the challenge of packing to move your family across the world.  The video below tells the story.

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The more we read, prepare and think about the trip ahead, the more we realize the importance of going with an open heart and open mind.  We certainly have ideas about how our family might be able to help and serve during out time at Tenwek but in actuality we have no clue what the next 5 months will look like.  So here we go!  We step out into the great unknown, grateful to serve a God who is faithful to provide us with the next step in the journey.

The heart of a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9


7/9/17 – ON THE MOVE

We made it safely to Texas this week! Our house has been moved into storage and our cars should be arriving today.  Sunday we leave to spend some much anticipated time at the beach with family.  The day to day pace for us has finally slowed down and this has been a welcomed change for everyone.

Just before leaving North Carolina we were able to pick up 4 fetal monitors to take with us to Africa.  These machines were originally designated for a trip to West Africa last spring but the Lord had other plans.  When we heard recently that Tenwek was in need of monitors like this we couldn’t help but be amazed at God’s grand plans.  He truly does work all things for good (Romans 8:28)! Thank you to the Heineman Foundation and the International Medical Outreach arm at Carolinas Medical Center for making this possible!


5/15/17 – FINISH LINE

We are exactly 1 month away from Drew’s last day in the hospital as a resident!  It’s so hard to believe this season of our family’s life is about to finish and a new one is about to begin.  The OB/GYN department held their annual awards banquet this past weekend where Drew was recognized as the one of the outstanding surgeons in his graduating class.


We feel so fortunate that we have been able to learn and train from so many talented and godly people during out time in Charlotte.  We look forward to taking what we’ve learned and using it for good and for the glory of God.  “To whom much is given…much is required.” Luke 12:48



We purchased plane tickets this week for our move to Kenya and couldn’t be more excited!  Things are starting to get real. We will leave the United States August 22nd and Return January 10th.

This week we will put our house in Charlotte on the market and start making preparations to pack up and head home to Texas at the end of June.


A few months ago the boys went and got all their vaccinations for the trip.  They did great!  They have navigated the upcoming transition without hesitation…their parents on the other hand are slightly overwhelmed by everything at times but doing well and getting more excited by the day.


2/2/2017 – CHANGE OF PLANS

We just found out that we will have to move our departure date for Kenya from August 8th to the 22nd.  Early August is election season in Kenya which has come with civil unrest in recent years.  We are praying and hoping for a peaceful election season and safe arrival in Nairobi this fall.



A year from now we will be finishing up five months in Kenya!  Wow hard to believe.  We recently received the boys’ passports in the mail.  Totally crazy.  I was almost thirty last year when I got a passport for the first time and now we’re getting ready to take our 2 toddlers half way across the world. This is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

We met a family in Cameroon last spring who had recently move to Africa from Mayo clinic with their two young girls and they were pregnant with their third!  We were amazed at their courage.  They reminded us that regardless of location, Africa or America, sickness, hardship and tragedy can still befall our families. This is certainly a good reminder for us as we look to buy plane tickets for our family, put our house on the market and mobilize medical supplies and equipment here in Charlotte over the next several months.