A specific mission and clear vision are essential elements in order for a company, organization or institution to succeed. The family unit is no different. Our world is flatter than it’s ever been. The opportunities for families and individuals to occupy, entertain, And amuse themselves are endless.

This has largely lead families of our generation to lead lives that are disorganized, disconnected, scattered and chaotic, always moving on the next big thing with little thought or concern for the big picture, consistency or any clear sense of principle or calling. Proverbs 29:18 says, “where there is no vision the people perish.” This verse has become a cornerstone for the way our family operates. Determining vision, mission and focus are incredibly difficult tasks. There’s so many different ways for families to get involved these days. How does one even start?

Several months ago Hannah I decided on a system to simplify how our family would focus our time, talents, and attention.  We drew three concentric circles on a piece of paper as shown below.


Keeping with Jesus’s model for ministry as outlined in Acts 1:8, these circles represent three targeted areas of influence that each family should consider.  If we are going to take the hope of the gospel to our family, our community and to the ends of the earth, we need to have a targeted vision and specific plan for how to do so. My recommendation is that you and your wife together identify just one specific area within your family, your community and on a global scale you would like to use your combined gifts, talents and abilities to honor God.

This exercise was life-changing for us as it simplified the many possible ways our family could get involved. It helped us to focus our efforts on specific projects which has allowed us to be more effective as a result. This system must be fluid as the mission statement for your family will change with different seasons and phases of life. I hope you find this as helpful as we did. Good luck and to God be the glory!